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Use the Git Status Security Extension with your system to keep track of changed files on your site. Be proactive against hacks or any unwanted site changes.

  • Receive email alerts when the scan runs, or just alerts when changes occur
  • Set frequency for how often you would like to scan your site 
Community: 2.0 – 2.1.4
Enterprise: 2.0 – 2.1.4
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Do you know if critical files on your site are being changed without your knowledge? Magento 2 Git Status: Security Report allows you to be alerted if any files on your site have been updated or changed. This extension can detect intrusions which result in changed files on sites that have been hacked, or if unwanted changes are occurring.

Update Frequency

You can set how often you want the system to scan your site for changes - as frequently as every 15 minutes, each hour, each day, etc.

Uses GIT Version Control

This extension uses Git version control system to keep track of changes to files, and will email you if anything has been changed and not properly committed/accepted. Take the element of surprise out of the equation, and know exactly when changes are happening to your files.

Won’t Interfere with Other Extensions

This extension has been designed to not conflict with other extensions and work smoothly with Magento 2. You must have Git installed on your server, and your server must allow the script to run a Git Status command as a shell exec script. This extension was created by one of our top, certified Magento 2.0 developers on the Customer Paradigm team.


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